Shanta Surendran

Shanta is an actor, screen acting instructor, professional presenter and voice over artist.

Shanta is the Head of Screen Acting at Filmbites Youth Film School. In this role Shanta has developed curriculum, trained instructors and delivered screen acting classes for over five years. Many of her students have achieved roles in local short films, television mini–?series, documentaries and feature films. Students have also been successful in gaining entry to and succeeding in full time accredited acting courses. Shanta also lectures in acting for the Diploma in Screen Acting at The Film and Television Institute in Perth.

Shanta trained in screen acting for five years with Fern Nicholson in the course A Journey through the Method, as well as numerous short courses and has appeared in over 20 local productions including lead roles in short films, and small roles in commercials, TV series and documentaries.

Shanta approaches her craft with vigour, energy and commitment. She loves teaching and relishes the opportunity to work with actors whether new or experienced.

NASA Teacher - Shanta Surendran