“STRASBERG” at his best!

05 Aug “STRASBERG” at his best!

It all comes from the RIGHT place! He’s intense, he’s hard, BUT his passion is shown in everyone of his actors today!

It’s practice, practice, practice. Exercising the muscles we call “imagination, intuition, understanding ourselves and last BUT not least…creation”

For the actor who wants to go from being “good” to being “great” – and for these actors, It’s NEVER just been about “Learning lines”.

Performing & playing with improvisation.

We know how to learn lines and we certainly shouldn’t be paying $$$$ to train in class JUST to do this! When an actor comes to me its about “understanding the craft”. To continuously challenge and probe into human behaviour. To understand ourselves greatly assists us to understand others…in this case, the character.

It’s hard, it’s challenging, it’s UP one minute and DOWN the next! Why? Because we are exploring, trying new and exciting ways of playing with WORDS, SPACES, BREATHING, MOVEMENT, PHYSICAL STIMULI, PERSONALISATION.

My mission has always been to find the “RIGHT” students! The ones who have the same flame, the same passion to create excellence! This takes time, it takes WORK and lots of it!! Not just on-set but in the classroom!

Take a look and see the work!

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