PERTH ACTORS…..What’s your process?

25 Aug PERTH ACTORS…..What’s your process?

CLICK TO VIEW – Then see Matthew McConaughey talk about his!!

So many of you have heard me say….it will be YOUR process at the end of the day!

There is truly no ONE WAY! There will be YOUR way!

You are learning a myriad of techniques using methods based on so very many of the greatest teachers the world has known. When you have learned AND APPLIED these various techniques you will see which resonates with you and your personality. Only then can you EXPLORE and climb outside your boundaries.

You collect over the years, in training, certain ways of working with your process, then…

You playMatthew McConaughey
You reach
You realise


There are SO VERY many ways of playing the TRUTH. It is our job to play, understand the character and find this

What processes can help?

Perhaps we can…

Understand the story
GET the character
Perhaps create a MONOLOGUE that we believe is the characters monologue.


Matthew McConaughey uses just this. He finds it assists him in learning the feelings behind the character, the story. Even his dialogue becomes more clear.


We DON’T JUDGE any character. We DEFEND, we even JUSTIFY!!

…and all this starts with “yourself”. Look at you FIRST. Personalisation comes with understanding where YOU stand first. Story will always be sitting right behind you.


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