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08 Jun The Actors Journey


As actors, we’re all on a journey.
The good news? The journey never ends. The bad news? The journey never ends.

I’ve chosen the word journey carefully because I see so many – particularly younger, and often less experienced – actors wanting so badly to get there. And I mean NOW!
Or worse still, they’re convinced they’re already there.
With a few short films, tv creds, perhaps a low-budget feature under their belt, they’re ready for Hollywood.

If only.

Acting – indeed Life – doesn’t work that way.
It’s a journey – it’s active. It’s not a fixed destination.

The harder I work, the luckier I get. Gary Player

I don’t say this to trample on ambition.
And I don’t say this to drum up business, for NASA, or anyone else. But here’s the truth.
Actors train.
Serious actors, successful actors, legendary actors, all of them train.

And then they train again – perhaps with a different teacher, perhaps emphasising a different aspect of the craft, perhaps for a particular role – and again. And again.

For life.

Because no-one can ever know it all and no single teacher could impart it all.
And because dedicated actors know that they’re really working on their Life, as well as their craft.
In fact, one of the giants of acting training, Lee Strasberg says it’s even greater than that.

Art is longer than Life. Lee Strasberg

So, while ambition is admirable – essential, in fact, if you’re going to make a career as an actor – it has to be tempered with realism.

Do the work, as another great teacher, Sanford Meisner says.

Pay your dues.
Keep working.
That is the actor’s life.

Sadly, throughout your career there’ll be no shortage of people selling you a shortcut to fame and fortune.

There isn’t one.
But it is the most glorious journey imaginable.

“In life, as on the stage, it’s not who I am but what I do that’s the measure of my worth and the secret of my success. All the rest is showiness, arrogance and conceit.” Stella Adler

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