The Advanced Intensives are skills based. Concentration on all “methods” learned and utilized in all previous courses ie. Strasberg, Adler, Meisner and Guskin. Continuous skills and techniques to assist the students in the creation of the “real” character.

Students are required to create script, story and character background. Scenes will be filmed and recorded for self analysis.

Students will be required to do various exercises in Personal Development to assist with understanding self and boundaries.


Students should be made aware that they will be dealing with and confronting certain past emotional issues in order to understand the importance of control. Ongoing support throughout the course is given and will be continuously monitored by the lecturer.

Top 5 monologues will be played and shown on NASAs website and You Tube.


Prerequisites can be:

• All ISA levels completed
• Advanced and/or intensive external training with other training organizations
• Television and/or feature film screen credits
• Presentation of show reels

Students who decide to do the Advanced Intensives should already understand industry protocol.

Scripts and NASA notebooks along with handouts will be provided throughout each course.

An application and screening process is required before enrolment.

Courses will include advanced levels in:

• Industry knowledge – Perth & Eastern States – Casting Agents
• Auditioning processes
• All scenes are digitally shot and edited for educational purposes
• Presentation/Presence
• Script and scene work
• Various items from all four ISA courses
• Read throughs
• Emotional and sense memory
• In the moment
• Application of voice/movement/improvisations/accents in all scene work.

Nicholsons Academy of Screen Acting asks that students take full responsibility for their own progress and development. It requires a full commitment in all aspects of the course including attendance, punctuality, participation, preparation and performance.

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