Acting Classes at NASA

17 Sep Use the Difficulty!

We’ve all had those moments when things don’t go to plan G in acting class, in an  audition, on set, on stage… in life! In training we like to call these ‘complications’  and wherever  possible  utilize  them  constructively  to  deepen  the  character,  the  scene and...

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Understand Acting - Nicholson's Academy


IMPORTANT ADVICE FOR THE ACTOR: Getting out of your head and out of your way is IMPORTANT. Spontaneity and flying knowing and trusting YOURSELF! FREE ASSOCIATION! The word that "flies". The word that causes "fear". We NEVER want to be wrong. We NEVER want to fail....

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05 Aug “STRASBERG” at his best!

It all comes from the RIGHT place! He’s intense, he’s hard, BUT his passion is shown in everyone of his actors today! It’s practice, practice, practice. Exercising the muscles we call “imagination, intuition, understanding ourselves and last BUT not least…creation” For the actor who wants to go...

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24 Jul In Class with SANFORD MEISNER

Sanford Meisner - one of the GREATS! NASA Actors…..MEISNER with MEISNER…Take a peek!!! The use of the famous MEISNER repetitive technique! For those of you who have started "touching" this technique in class. The extended technique is shown in this video! I look forward to working with you all more...

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transformation - NASA can help

21 Jul An Actors Transformation

  Having the ability to transform oneself into another person is the secret of interpretation. An actor's own personality is the source of physical and mental differences, as well as psychological differences. Some actors uncover the psychological (or emotional) state of their characters by first finding...

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The Correct Attitude - Nicholson's Academy

08 Jun The Actors Journey

As actors, we're all on a journey. The good news? The journey never ends. The bad news? The journey never ends. I've chosen the word “journey” carefully because I see so many - particularly younger, and often less experienced - actors wanting so badly to “get there.”...

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Quality and Quantity

24 Jan Actors Forum

Are you proud of the work you have done? "Quality vs Quantity" - Acting today - So many actors have starred in feature films, short films, web series and other forms of media presentation. If you are one of these actors and in terms of projects,...

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