Welcome to NASA – Home of The Best Acting Classes (Perth)

Founded in 2011 by Fern R Nicholson, Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting (NASA) provides the type of performance training that will instil actors with the necessary skills to pave their own way in the film and television industry.

NASA is all about the Craft. Whether you are a new actor and just starting out, or an actor wanting to reach a new level in their acting education, you will need to prepare and understand the importance of hard-skilled training at NASA’s acting classes (Perth). Match your skills with your passion for the Craft, you will learn to dig deeper and push beyond your boundaries.

The academy’s reputation is built on our unique teaching methods. All our courses include various exercises and training methods not otherwise taught by other acting institutions / acting classes in Perth. With a strong focus on personal development, you will learn that it’s not just about the techniques and skills that you need to be a great actor: It’s about you- your personal journey and gathering invaluable “life skills” along the way.

Our instructors are qualified professionals in their relative fields, working within the film and television industry and just as passionate about the craft as you. They are not afraid of pushing the actor beyond the comfort zone, providing the dedicated and quality training NASA prides itself on.

When you audition for our school, you are telling us that you are ready to face the many challenges head-on throughout our courses. Be ready to explore a greater depth of the craft!